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Dogs are generally very social by nature and benefit, both mentally and physically, from being around and playing with other dogs. Dog daycare (supervised social group play) can be an alternative or supplementary activity to public dog parks. Unlike public dog parks, all of the dogs who participate in our dog daycare are current on vaccinations, evaluated for temperament and play style and professionally supervised at all times.

Dog daycare not only provides necessary socialization for dogs, but it also provides both mental stimulation and physical exercise. Dogs who are properly socialized, trained and exercised are better able to reach their full potential and live healthy, balanced lives with their owners.

Our 3,000 square foot indoor dog daycare arena has three main parks and four subareas so that dogs can be grouped appropriately with careful consideration given to size, age, temperament, and play styles. The daycare arena has vulcanized rubber flooring throughout (made from California recycled tires) to allow your canine family members to romp around and socialize with other playmates in a safe and healthy manner. Fresh water is available at all times and comfy beds are provided for dogs who want to take a break during the play session.

All dog daycare furticipants are carefully evaluated by a trained daycare attendant prior to playing in our daycare parks. Our daycare attendants are specifically trained in canine body language, inter-dog and group play, and are able to maintain peace and happiness in the parks using positive redirection and modern and humane behavior modification principles. Air horns, shaker cans, spray bottles and intimidation tactics are not used in our dog daycare. Dog daycare is professionally supervised at all times.


  • The A.M. session of dog daycare runs from 7am - noon during the week and 9am - noon on the weekends.

  • The P.M. session of dog daycare runs from 2pm - 7pm during the week and 2pm - 6pm on the weekends.

  • Naptime is between noon and 2pm daily.


To ensure the comfort, safety and happiness of all of our daycare furticipants, we require that all prospective daycare dogs complete an intro evaluation to determine their suitability for a group play environment.

  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered to participate in daycare, with the exception of puppies under the age of eight months.

  • Dogs who are not spayed or neutered are welcome at ufuria for boarding and private services; however, we cannot accept females in heat.

  • In order to ensure safe maintenance of and integration into the daycare play parks, to participate in the A.M. session, dogs must be dropped off by 10:00am; dogs dropped off after that time will receive a walk, the usual naptime and then go into afternoon daycare. To participate in the P.M. session, dogs must be dropped off no earlier than 1:45pm and no later than 7pm. Drop offs and pick ups before or after these times are subject to a full daycare charge or a boarding charge.

  • Half Day daycare applies to dogs picked up no later than 12:15pm (for A.M. session) or dropped off no earlier than 1:45pm (for P.M. session). Drop offs or pick ups before or after these times are subject to a full daycare charge or a boarding charge.

PRICING (subject to change)

Initial Evaluation: $30 (includes a half day of daycare) Generally, we provide initial evaluations during the P.M. session and ask that you drop your dog off at 1pm and pick up between 5pm - 6pm. Evaluations are by appointment only so please call us in advance to set one up. All dogs who participate in daycare must pass the Initial Evaluation. 

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