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Alicia and Auggie

Auggie is a sweet boy who was nervous, apprehensive and skeptical about life. You would be too if you had been dumped in the desert in the middle of summer in the triple digit heat. I wanted a safe environment for him to socialize with other dogs and other people. As I really don't feel dog parks are a safe environment. At Ufuria you know all the dogs have had their shots, immunizations  and have been  neutered. Auggie has been going to daycare for about a year and a half now and has become a confident, trusting and well socialized boy. Because of Ufuria he has made friends with our neighbors and their dogs as well. The staff is amazing and have become extended family for us. Auggie is always excited to see the staff and they're happy to see him. He went from me having to help walk him back, to saying hi to the check in staff and heading to the door to the play area and ready for that door to open without ever even looking back. 

I have been coming here for over 6 years now and cannot say enough good things about the facility, the caring staff and the wonderful management. I am one of "those dog moms". A million pictures on my phone of my furbaby, no expense to great for him, I basically treat him like a human child. I completely trust Ufuria with my baby. They treat him just as I would and make sure he is safe, comfortable and constantly loved. He loves coming here and everyone who works here. We have utilized every service they offer (grooming, daycare, training, boarding, retail) and everything is always top notch. We were so blessed to find them years ago and I am so thankful for them on a daily basis.

Dawn and Bentley

Dianne and Gianni

We have been part of the Ufuria family probably since they opened their facility! Don't know where to begin to let everyone know what a fine place this is! Irwin and Soo welcomed us with open arms and along with their amazing staff have always provided exceptional care for our Gianni! Whether we needed to bring him for a fun day of play or board him for our vacations (and sadly some family emergencies) we felt assured he was in good hands and he was! They even sent videos when we were missing him! When it was time time to pick him up he was one happy pup! Thank you guys for always going above beyond with your care! Honored to tell everyone about you!

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