Our training philosophy is based upon setting your dog up for success by first focusing on establishing a sincere and meaningful relationship with our dogs. We can then embark on building a solid foundation for learning, so that "training" really becomes just a fun and natural part of nurturing our relationship with our dogs. If we are fair to our dogs by giving them the responsible care that they truly need and desire, while being clear and consistent about our expectations and objectives, it is inevitable that trust and respect will develop. When this occurs, you will be able to experience the incredible and unique bond that you can share with "man's best friend" and you will be amazed by who your dog can become and what he or she can do.

Our training methods include the use of classical conditioning and operant conditioning, as well as clever, modern and humane behavior modification techniques that allow for the formation of a meaningful relationship based on mutual trust, respect and love. We believe that all dogs can benefit from basic obedience training, early and regular socialization, and the appropriate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation.

We have a wide array of training services for you to choose from. We offer puppy pre-school / playpark classes focusing on the prevention of common puppy problems and the often overlooked importance of socialization. We also offer private lessons (both on- and off-site) and behavior modification programs. The initial step to embarking on any of our training courses or sessions is to meet with you and your dog to evaluate any problems or concerns and to devise an appropriate training plan.


  • Puppy Play Park / Pre-School: $299 (10 regularly scheduled weekdays of all-day puppy daycare + 2 private in-home lessons)
  • Private Training Sessions (off-site): starting at $85 per hour (discounted package pricing available)
  • Behavior Modification Programs: starting at $100 per hour, subject to consultation and assessment

We are often asked about our conscious decision to step away from the popular group obedience and Board and Train formats of training. Our experience has shown us that just like child-rearing, raising a good dog should always begin in the home, with proper structure, management, routines, stimulation and training. We do realize the importance of intermediate and advanced levels of obedience training that should incorporate distractions, as well as the often requested need and desire for socialization. Therefore, we offer group environments and programs such as off-leash group play (commonly known as doggie daycare), The Pack Workout and The Pack Adventures.


Irwin Myland, Co-Founder / Head Master Trainer

Irwin received his master trainer certification by attending Tarheel Canine Training, Inc., a training facility in North Carolina, world-renowned for their police, protection, and search & rescue training programs. But more importantly than his formal designation as a master dog trainer, Irwin considers himself a "Pet Relationship Counselor." His true role is to counsel people and their pets about how to establish, build and nurture a meaningful relationship with their pets. (Mending and strengthening human relationships along the way is free of charge.)

Irwin is a proud Dutch American; he was born in Michigan, but spent much of his childhood and teen years in The Netherlands. He is fluent in English and Dutch, and proficient in German and French. Like most things in his life, he applies his multi-lingual skills towards his work with animals - not only is he able to train dogs in languages other than English, he hopes to someday share his passion for pet care services on a more global scale.

At the young age of ten, Irwin solicited his first dog walking client, his neighbor's Bouvier des Flandres. Now in his thirties, Irwin continues to walk dogs in conjunction with his customized training, behavior modification, and fitness programs, and revels in the opportunity to work with animals each and every day.

Over the years, and particularly through the operation of his in-home pet sitting, dog walking and training service, Spoiled Silly Pets, Irwin has had the opportunity to work with literally thousands of pets. He simply loves all creatures, big and small. And after hundreds of consultations, he has yet to meet a dog he is unable to care for/work with as long as the owner is on board with the necessary relationship building, training and/or behavior modification programs. Just like good barbeque, Irwin prefers a "slow and low" approach to training, allowing ample time for the dog and the owner to properly assess and address specific issues, and clearly understand the objectives at hand and the expectations that need to be met to carry everything through with success.

Irwin is passionate about sharing the incredible rewards and fulfillment of having a solid, meaningful relationship with your dog. His objective is to help all dogs realize their full potential by counseling owners on how to develop a relationship with their dog that opens the door to a well-mannered, obedient pet companion and family member. Upon meeting Irwin and witnessing the special communication and relationship building skills he has with dogs, you will see that "the proof is in your pooch."