Fitness & Wellness


In addition to socialization and training, we are proponents of providing appropriate physical exercise to our pet clients.  We offer everything from leashed walks or runs with one of our Special Services Attendants either on foot, rollerblades or a bike.  We can also provide activities such as frisbee and agility for fun.

We also provide indoor dog treadmill and treadwheel sessions.

Please inquire about putting together a fitness and/or wellness program to address your pet's individual needs.  A majority of our fitness and wellness programs are priced between $14 - $22 for sessions up to 30 minutes.

These services are offered by appointment at our facility or at your home or workplace.  We have also seen great success with fitness programs that are designed around a board stay, particularly with stays of 5 days or longer.

In addition, through the use of our various Fitness & Wellness services, and with proper veterinary consultation and supervision, we are able to assess nutritional needs, devise special diets and provide physical exercise and therapy sessions that produce positive results with weight loss, strength conditioning and physical rehabilitation, post-injury or post-surgery.


We have designed an innovative program that strengthens your relationship with your dog, reinforces obedience training and provides fun, physical exercise for both dogs and the people who love them.  Please call to sign up for a group session of The Pack Workout ($25).


We will be providing monthly group outings in dog-friendly environments, led by our trainers.  These outings are intended to be fun "field trips" for dogs and their owners that provide valuable information about real-world situations with your dog.  Please call to add your name to our interest list.  ($20 per person/dog pair)



***COMING SOON: additional wellness services such as canine massage, doga (dog yoga) and pawlates (dog pilates).